Without Proper Planning, Enterprises Deploying iPads Will Need 300% More Wi-Fi

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Apple iPads are popping up everywhere in the enterprise environment — executives are using them in conference room meetings, while doctors are checking information as they walk hospital corridors. Although larger touchscreens and improved user interfaces appeal to many users, the limited transmit power and throughput of these devices mean that enterprises need to deploy 300% more access points to get the same wireless performance characteristics as industry laptops. This research looks at the proper planning that enterprises must perform before allowing any device to access the network infrastructure.

Key Findings

A mobile Apple iPad operating at 5 gigahertz (GHz) has an average of 10 milliwatts (mW; 10 decibels per mW [dBm]) transmit power, compared with the 30 mW to 50 mW (15 dBm to 17 dBm) of typical laptops.
There are no standards for the implementation of Wi-Fi radios into mobile devices. …