Today, the tools that are available for remote monitoring & support are highly advanced. #CSDNET runs diagnostics & remediation may begin ... immediately upon the instance that occurs, rather than waiting up to 4 hours for someone to call you back.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 11, 2020, CSDNET will be closed for Veterans Day. We honor & give thanks to the Veterans who have served this ... country 🇺🇸! #VeteransDay #VeteransDay2020 #thankyou #csdnet

CSDNET technicians average over eight years tenure. They’re not independent contractors, they’re full-time employees who are trusted and tested.
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With nearly three decades of experience, #CSDNET is here to provide the best in Information Technology.

"Friendly support staff are second to none..."
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Cyber Security and Network Segmentation

High Availability Firewall Design and Integration with Multiple ISP Aggregation

Network Design, Install & Tech Support

At CSDNET, we’ve designed, installed, and managed some of the most robust…

Wireless Networking

When you don’t want to be bogged down by wires and cables or when…

Disaster Avoidance

Disaster Avoidance Planning, Design, Implementation, and Support..

Onsite Services Support

For over two decades, CSDNET has been sending IT techs to a wide array of K-12…


CSDNET has excelled in providing Enterprise class design, integration,

Video Surveillance and Access Control

CSDNET has been installing and maintaining high end IP video…

Telephony and VoIP Solutions

Afraid to take the VoIP plunge! By examining your current…

Data & Voice Maintenance

When building a network, most of our competitors start with the technology …


A strong network security system has never been more important.

IT Assessment

CSDNET’s IT infrastructure assessment provides an analysis of IT processes,

Remote Network Management

The enhancements in technology over the past 10+ years has enabled support…

Web Content Filtering & Monitoring

Choices, choices, choices – where to start? Start at the beginning with CSDNET…

iPad/Tablet Integration

iPads are incredibly simple and easy to use. However, as IT professionals,

Security has never been more critical, and with CSDNET you get the best systems the industry has to offer, and the best service you need to keep your critical assets protected.