As part of our dedication at CSDNET, we supply network support with a range of options such as remote network monitoring, help desk services & ... onsite network management.
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#CSDNET provides CISO functions as a service.
This significantly reduces the cost, as our CISO services are shared by multiple organizations. #CISO
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Cyber Security and Network Segmentation

Risk Assessment & Vulnerability Scanning

External Networks
Wireless Networks
Internal Networks
Infrastructure Assessment

Services Offer

Segmentation/Segregation of Sensitive Data and Apps

Network Diagrams

Cyber Insurance Compliance Remediation

Staff Development in Security Awareness

Network Traffic Reporting, Analysis and Management

Next Generation Firewall(s) Design, Integration and Implementation

High Availability Firewall Design and Integration with Multiple ISP Aggregation

Secure Email Implementations

Data Auditing and Protection

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Subscription Services

Customized Reporting Schedules

Intrusion Prevention Services

Intrusion Detection Services (Network based)

Intrusion Detection Services (Host Based)

Continual Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning Services

On-site Auditing Packages

Remote Auditing Packages