October has been designated National Cyber Security Awareness Month.
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We’ve got unmatched experience supporting iPads for our clients & have worked with all the leading management products out there... In the ... process we’ve developed a turnkey #iPad solution that delivers great results, often at a significant cost savings to you. #csdnet

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Tonight at 7pm our Bayport-Blue Point community came together to remember & honor Gabby <3 #GabbyPetito #Bayport #BluePoint #BBP #LongIsland

Data & Voice Maintenance Contracts

When building a network, most of our competitors start with the technology they’ve got a contract or partnership to sell – whether that technology is right for your organization or not.

CSDNET is different. We’re owned and managed by tech geeks, and we love technology way too much to compromise it that way. So we build the most elegant, powerful networks around by using the technology that is right for the job – no matter the name on the box.

And that’s just one of many things we do differently. We don’t do lazy “plug and play” dynamic configurations that ultimately cause more problems than they solve. And we never throw up our hands and say “that’s not our problem” just because the problem may have initiated with someone else. If it’s your network, and you’re our client, it is our problem, and we find a solution. Period.

If you want a network that’s fast and easy to manage, there’s only one right way to do it. Hire world-class technicians who take the time to know your site and your needs better than anyone else. And then let them build a thoughtful, elegant network based on what they learn.

That’s the CSDNET way. And it has been for over 20 years.

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