CSDNET helps bring your wireless into the 21st century with wireless technology to provide maximum speed & security through world class design, ... integration and support by provided by our engineers.

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A strong network security system has never been more important. Technology is evolving faster than ever before, and with it, new potential threats emerge every day. And if anything does go wrong, as the network administrator, you’re the one on the hook.

The good news is, we can help. At CSDNET we’re well-versed in all the latest security management techniques and technologies, and have decades of experience installing and managing them for K-12, major universities, hospitals, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. From scrubbers and site blockers, to firewalls and NAC devices, we’ve seen it all, managed it all, and troubleshot it all. And our clients stay with us, because we’ve got an impeccable track record of keeping their networks safe.

Equally importantly, our holistic approach to networks means you don’t have to sacrifice network performance. When NAC performance is all you care about, you design a network around that function, often at the peril of the rest of the network. Only when you’re truly committed to a better network in total – as we are – can an airtight security coexist with a finely-tuned network.

That’s the CSDNET way, and it has been for over 20 years.

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