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By examining your current telecommunication operating expenses, we may be able to uncover potential cost savings. Even non-IP enabled PBX and Key ... systems can take full advantage of your IP network.
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Remote Network Management

The enhancements in technology over the past 10+ years has enabled support to take on “new meaning”. Historically, your support company would pay high fees for onsite support personnel, or have a contract with a vendor where YOU wait for something to happen then YOU would call your support vendor to address the issue. If you had 4 hour response, by the time they responded and remediated the problem an entire day, maybe more was lost thus costing you time and money.

Today, the tools that are available for remote monitoring and support are highly advanced and run diagnostics and trending so many times the issues that occur may be caught before they do and/or remediation may begin immediately upon the instance that occurs rather than waiting up to four hours for someone to call you back.

Most often we’ll know about these problems before you are even aware – this is just one benefit of Remote Network Management – the ability to respond quicker and more efficiently thus leading to an expedited response and remediation time!

Finally, Remote Network Management doesn’t require a flashy NOC (Network Operations Center) with people whom are seeded there when the company knows you’re coming for a visit to their location.  Technology support today, unless a hardware failure, can many times be done remotely by highly skilled engineers whom have the tools to get the job done. Remote Network Management is not accomplished by the ten 48” monitors hanging in a NOC filled with receptionist’s and warehouse personnel used to impress you. Remote Network Management is only successful by hiring the experienced people!. Don’t fooled by vendors out there whom bury their costs for these expensive NOC’s – when the issue arises and the remediation is underway it’s done by people with the right tools and the right brain power – not the $500,000 NOC that was built to impress you with no resources behind it!

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