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Onsite Services Support

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For over two decades, CSDNET has been sending IT techs to a wide array of K-12, universities, hospitals, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.


Where they invariably become crucial resources within those organizations. In fact, the hardest part for us has often been trying to get them back.

Why? Well, CSDNET technicians average over eight years tenure with CSDNET. They’re not independent contractors, they’re full-time employees who are trusted and tested.

But while our people stay with us a long time, our environment is hardly stagnant. Instead, we’re constantly educating our talent on a broad range of the latest technologies.

A Cisco shop only trains their people on Cisco. We train our people on everything. So, no matter what IT environment they walk into, they’re armed with the tools to get the job done. Perhaps best of all, each member of our team is well-versed in the CSDNET way of doing business.

Supporting Your Vision

We finish what we start. We tell it like it is. And when we’re in doubt, we simply roll up

our sleeves and do whatever it takes. That’s the CSDNET way.

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