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Vertical Markets

CSDNET is an experienced Technology company that specializes in setting up networks and security services for businesses and organizations. With a proven track record of success, CSDNET’s team of knowledgeable IT professionals are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that will match any business’s needs.

Your Bridge to Progress

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CSDNET’s experience and knowledge in specific verticals markets affords you the comfort of knowing you are working with a firm whose “done this before” for organizations like yours. From its beginning and through today CSDNET was built by engineers; engineers whom have walked in your shoes, realized your pains, and hired companies like CSDNET to support them. Our founders, while in your position, realized one thing was lacking from the vendors they worked with – that was quality support! CSDNET has built its reputation on providing World Class, No Nonsense IT design, installation, and support. And, we’ve stayed true to our model. We also stay within the vertical markets we know and have vast experience.


CSDNET does not claim to be educators; however, we are technologists whom work closely with educators to understand and help them realize, through technology, their goals. Once we understand those goals we design an environment that meets their goals and future proofs them for the foreseeable future. Over the past 20 years, CSDNET has worked with (and still does today) hundreds of school districts across NY State in implementing technologies that deliver the educational content our NY Schools demand. Give CSDNET a call today – we’ll listen, we’ll design, and we’ll deliver. With CSDNET you get No Nonsense IT!



Our founders began their careers in both education and healthcare. They understand the demands of healthcare and how to move information within such an organization. At CSDNET IT, while inclusive of hardware, software, security, among others, means designing, installing and supporting the equipment necessary to move information – let’s face it – that’s what IT is all about! Hospitals require more than a firm stating “we have 24hr support”; hospitals and healthcare organizations require a firm with healthcare experience and expertise. CSDNET was born in this field and we enjoy long standing relationships with healthcare providers across NY state. When you’re looking for someone with experience for moving patient information, complying with HIPPA rules and regulations, or to simply save money on IT support while increasing response time and efficiency, give CSDNET a call! We’ll listen, we’ll design, and we’ll deliver for healthcare! With CSDNET you get No Nonsense IT!

Public Sector

The term public sector is often used for agencies that include schools districts, not-for-profit, city and state governments, among others. Regardless of which category your organization may fall CSDNET has the experience you’re looking for! Whether city, state, or the federal government public sector entities invest in some of the most complicated networks around given the public service they offer and the number of departments within a given entity. It is important, when choosing an IT firm, to choose a firm with demonstrable experience and understanding of public sector. As CSDNET we’ve assisted city and state agencies in “stretching” their dollar to be able to do more with less while at the same time improving constituent services. Give us a call today – we’ll listen, we’ll design, and we’ll deliver! With CSDNET you get No Nonsense IT!


Financial Services

As with all vertical markets Financial Services requires the delivery of information instantaneously. CSDNET has worked with some of Long Island’s, and NYC, largest financial institutions to evaluate their environments to ensure the most secure, robust, and efficient networks and voice systems. We’ve design, installed, and continue to support large call center installations with advanced telephony technologies that aide these institutions in exceeding their client’s experience and expectations. In order to remain competitive in the market place, financial institutions must continue to offer the services their client’s demand – CSDNET will help get you there! We’ll listen, we’ll design, and we’ll deliver! With CSDNET you get No Nonsense IT!

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